Supplementary material for the paper "Computation in Real Closed Infinitesimal and
Transcendental Extensions of the Rationals".

Browsing the source code described in the paper

they contain approximately 7000 lines of C++ code.
The main module only depends on the Z3 interval arithmetic package (sub-directory src/math/interval),
and basic data-structures and numeral types such as binary rationals (sub-directory src/util).

Compilation instructions

  • Download the source code using the link above.
  • Go to the z3-cade24 directory.
  • If you have the Gnu Multiple precision library (GMP) installed in your system, use the option '-g'. GMP is faster than the Z3 big number package.
      ./configure -g
  • If you don't have GMP, then use
  • Then, execute
      cd build
  • To execute the examples, include the build directory in your 'PYTHONPATH'. For example, if z3-cade24 is in the directory '/home/grant/z3-cade24', and you use bash.
     export PYTHONPATH=/home/grant/z3-cade24
  • The installation is complete, you can execute the example '' in the examples zip file using

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